by Nettle

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released May 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Nettle Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Get Out
i don't care
what you think
i don't want
you looking at me

i'm not here
for your gaze
i don't need you
to validate

get out

you think you
know what's best
rejection you
can't accept

broken record
it's getting old
your words don't
mean shit to me

get out
Track Name: Tear Me Down
tear me down, build me back up
pull out my teeth so i can't talk
mouth full of your words, i can't keep up

why pretend you do this for me
pull the wool over my eyes so that i can't see

throw me under, drag me back up
pull out my teeth so i can't talk
mouth full of your words, i can't keep up

nails in your coffin, you choke on your lies
i can see, we all know, you're not on my side
a different persona on either facade
an outright fake fucking parasite

you're fucking scum
Track Name: Hard Pass
um, actually
did you know
statistics say
studies show

i'm rational
i'm calm
you're emotional
you're wrong

let me play devil's advocate
i majored in philosophy
let's agree to disagree
what about my freedom of speech

i won't listen to a thing you say
Track Name: Dispose
you're not mending, ripping out the seams
willful ignorance infecting minds
you're a disease

no opinion, no shame
all the blood is on your hands
and you're to blame

suffocated, boiled alive
bleeding out and you don't care

is it worth it? you just look away
humane slaughter all a myth they die the same